What are the transportation costs?

Transportation costs are equal to the pricelist attached. Transport costs for the customer are valid to a single destination, and in a single delivery operation as long as “minimum order amount” criteria are met (See Minimum Order in the Ordering Information Section).

Nevertheless, in some cases, if the amount does not reach the minimum value, minimum transportation costs are charged.

If you wish to receive a merchandise to different delivery addresses, or/and in different dates (partial deliveries), please notify us before quotation is confirmed, in order to make an estimation of extra transportation charges. In some cases, where weight/volume of the shipment is unusually high, additional transportation charges might be added. You will always be informed before processing your order, in case these charges apply. We will not proceed the order if you will not pay additional costs.

What if I receive opened or damaged boxes?

Our merchandise is always checked and in perfect state when it leaves our warehouse. Nevertheless, in some occasions and for causes beyond our control, problems may arise during transportation. In such cases, please proceed as directed to avoid further problems and to solve this inconveniencies as fast as possible. If you find opened, damaged or tampered with packages, missing packages or any other irregularity at delivery time, you should record those irregularities clearly in the packing list of the transporter. This is very important; just check the number of packages and their state at delivery time, this will take only a few minutes. We regret to say that if you do not record in the packing list all problems found at the moment of merchandise arrival, we will not be able to help you, and the responsibility will not be ours.

What if I am not satisfied with my merchandise?

Once your merchandise arrives, you have 7 days to issue any claims regarding product imprint or quality. Although there is no easy answer to this question, the GOOD news is we are here to help. All of the products featured on our website are hand-picked by our team of experts and must meet an extensive list of requirements before being available for sale via the website. Planetpromo.eu stands behind every product it sells and does everything in its power to control the possible deviations from our quality standards that could affect imprint, product, and colour variables during customization by our company. We are committed to deliver a quality product to our customers within the agreed timeframe, and imprinted according to customer's exact specifications. At the same time, it is also reasonable to assume, for example, that a flashlight combo carabineer that includes a battery, watch, and compass for only 1 €, is not intended for extensive or outdoor use. Unless stated elsewhere, all products featured on www.planetpromo.eu are intended for promotional purposes only. We make our best effort to advise you on quality and to suggest the best product for every situation, budget, and need. When placing an order, if you are concerned about quality, please do not hesitate in consulting your sales advisor or requesting a sample at any time before order processing begins.

How can I return the merchandise?

Should you have any problems with your order, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of your merchandise. We urge you to inspect your merchandise upon arrival in order to facilitate the resolution of any claims. Do not return the merchandise to us without receiving a written approval, as it will be refused. If you receive a written approval we will advise the correct shipping address for your return. We will assist you in resolving your claim if your order has not been produced as requested or is defective in manufacture.

What if I want the transportation done by another agency?

You are welcome to do so. If you trust your transporter, so do we. Your transporter can pick up the merchandise on our address. In this case, we will decline any responsibility for the problems that might arise during transportation.

Can you deliver my order to several addresses?

Our transport costs for the customer are valid to a single destination and in a single delivery operation. If you need us to transport the goods to several addresses, please let us know before quotation is confirmed, since this style of delivery implies extra transportation costs that should be accepted by you before merchandise departure.