What information is needed for item quotation?

To be able to give you an exact price, we need to know all the information about item: desired colour, the quantity for each colour and the number of imprint positions, imprint type and required imprint colours, in case imprints are desired. This data should be entered into the system as required.

What information about me or my company is needed to obtain a quotation?

None. You can obtain and save your quotation in your account just by entering your name, country and email. We will need more information only if you want to request samples from your account, or convert the quotation into an order.

What information about me or my company is needed to order?

All important. Name and surname, company name, company address, valid VAT number, Zip code, City and Country, telephone number and e-mail address.

What is included in the prices shown in product cards?

Item prices per unit (imprints not included) do not include transportation costs to final destination within EU. Our prices on website do not have VAT included.

How to place an order?

Select items from product card, add it to shopping cart and specify quantity for each one. You can place an order directly, as soon as you have your quotation ready. Your order will be saved in your account.

Is it possible to modify or delete an order?

You can cancel or delete an order if it is not in production phase, delivery phase or already delivered. (See Contract Conditions for more information on this subject).

Can I order any size I want?

YES. Our best advice: choose at least two sizes, to compare differences in sizes.

Is there a minimum order amount to be met?

There is no minimum order amount.

Is there a minimum order quantity to be met?

Yes. These are shipping quantities.

Why can’t I order any order quantity?

There are two explanations. Maybe you wanted to order quantity smaller than the minimum quantity that our supplier supplies. Or the number of products cannot be ordered because they are packed in boxes that are sealed together in quantities.

When will an order be considered as "confirmed"?

When you receive our confirmation E-mail with all order aspects and make the order payment, your order will be considered "confirmed".

Can I order "imprintless" goods?

YES. All of our products, without imprints, are available for delivery.

How can I send the files for imprinting my items?

Once your order is issued, you will receive an E-mail requesting the files needed for the imprint. You should send a file for each imprint position. We will appreciate if you also send an additional file with all the specifications that you consider opportune. (See "Artwork & Printing").

Will I receive an imprint preview before starting production process?

ALWAYS. You will receive the E-proof via E-mail. We will NEVER imprint your products without your explicit E-mail approval.

Will I receive a sample with imprint, embrodery or engraving?

Only if you wish so. But all costs for making and imprinting the sample will be charged to you. Those costs are high and our customers are usually satisfied with e-proof, send for confirmation before production starts.

Will I receive the exact item quantities as shown in my order?

For custom made items, like candy, mouse pads, etc., there might be a +/- 10% deviation between quantity ordered and quantity received. If delivered quantities are smaller than ordered quantities, we will return the difference in price.

Is a product that is online always available?

Sometimes it happens that the product is still online, but there is currently no stock. In this case, after placing the order, our team will inform you that the product is no longer available and offer you several options: another color of the item, a similar item or a refund.

When do my products enter the production phase?

First, you should approve all order specifications (quantities, price and delivery time). After that you should pay Proforma Invoice by bank transfer. At this moment, the order is considered "confirmed but still not approved for imprint"; meaning that we need your approval regarding imprint(s) to start the production process. As soon as we receive your explicit approval for imprint(s), the products will enter the production phase.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

If your product does not have imprints, order delivery will take from 7 to 15 days, depending on destination. If the product have imprint(s) it will take from 15 to 30 days most of the time. Nevertheless, time estimated for delivery is affected by the specific products requested, quantities involved, and the locations where the products are stored. It should be understood that the delivery time specified when the order is "confirmed" applies just for the delivery address you requested. If your order is needed for an event, convention or fair with a specific start date, we will appreciate to be informed as early as possible; this helps us to deliver the goods within deadline.

What is the validity of prices according to the pro forma invoice?

Order prices are valid for 8 days from date of issue.

How can I repeat an order?

To repeat an order, you can create the same order as a new one, or you can send an E-mail to our Customer Service department, specifying the original purchase order number, and quantities/products you want to re-order. You do not have to send imprint files again.

I need to add my Purchase Order Number to the invoice.

Just send an E-mail with this request to our Customer Service department. Your PO number will be printed in both the packing list and the invoice, to facilitate product identification.

What to do if I cannot find the product I am looking for?

www.planetpromo.eu has more than 200,000 located and catalogued items worldwide. The website shows only the most requested items, to keep website usability and product finding simple. If you cannot locate the product you need in our website and you want a quotation, please contact us at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled.and if possible, send us a photo of the product. If you have seen the product in a catalog or website of other promotional gift distributor, please send us code and image, since having this reference could be very useful. We will try to make better quotation prices for the same product and service.