Washable promotional masks with imprint

A new item in our offer are the washable face masks. Choose the right imprinted model for you or your little ones (children models available also). Many masks have a special layer made from polyester which allows complete full colour personalisation. Also available are the masks with a changeable filter, providing additional protection. All masks are washable and multi use.

Why choosing promotional washable masks is a good idea?

All around the world the COVID-19 epidemic has made masks an extremely important everyday item. Not long ago leaving the house included checking the 3 things: cell phone – keys – wallet. Not anymore – we have now added a mask to the list as well. The need and inquiries for single use masks have skyrocketed and as a consequence the delivery times are longer and the prices are higher. The washable masks are a great alternative: they are multi use and are also more eco friendly compared to the classic single use models. Plus they can be personalized! Considering masks are now the new normal it is an excellent way of promoting your brand. We can imprint it with your logo or other graphics chosen by you. A washable mask is also a way to show you care about the virus and about the environment. The fact that by doing that you are also promotiong yourself is an added bonus.

Other masks

We also have the classic 3-layer masks that suitable for all population and diminuish the possibility of spreading the infection.

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