How can I request a sample?

You can order samples of any product as a special order by sending us an email. Email must include an ID and amount of the product and we will make a Proforma Invoice. If you order samples with total amount less than 200 EUR, handling costs will be added.

What is the cost of samples?

The price of the samples is equal to the price of the products plus fixed costs for transportation and handling. To reduce transportation costs, please notice that if you want to request more than one sample of different items, it is better to select several samples and include them all in the same delivery. Samples will be delivered to you free of charge as fixed costs includes delivery too.

How to pay for samples?

You make the payment by UPN/SEPA or SWIFT. To shorten delivery time send your payment proof by mail to Customer Service department.

How long does it take to deliver the samples?

Not all samples are stored in the same warehouse. Delivery depends of samples’ warehouse location and your destination. Consequently, delivery times may vary from 7 to 15 working days.

May I request samples of all the products in your catalogue?

Samples for about 85% of products in our catalogue are available, but for some specially manufactured or custom made products it is not possible for us to provide samples.

For instance, if you want a custom-shaped keyring, we will not be able to provide a sample. In such case, we could send you a standard keyring for material quality evaluation.

Will you give me an e-proof?

E-proof, or virtual sample, will always be available for every order and will be sent to you via E-mail. Furthermore, the production will not start until we receive your approval of the virtual sample.